Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Since we're reading Nothing But The Truth, which involves a boy who doesn't get along with a teacher, I want you to consider teacher-student relationships you've had in the past. Have you had teachers that you just got along with whether or not you did well in their class? Have you had teachers whose personality just didn't mesh with yours? Without naming names, expound upon these ideas and thoughtfully consider how personality differences or similarities have affected you in your classes.

Well i have had teachers that i get along with and some teachers that i just cant stand, and also teachers aids. My all time favorite teacher was my english teacher last year but she moved to texas but i still talk to her, if i wasnt passing her class she would help me do everything i can to pass her class. And even when i got introuble in her class from talking she wouldnt really be mad at me she would just be frusterated and send me out in the hall, i think i got sent out in the hall five times in that class, but when she got mad at me i didnt hate her she was still me favorite teacher. But i have teachers that i just absaluteley despise, he dosent even teach us and if he trys to teach us i dotn get anythin out of his lesson even if i am trying to pay attention. Though i am passing his class, he is still a bad teacher and he threatined a student last year. If i was the school i would of fired him, but i am not so i cant make there decisions. And i also have these teacher aid people and i hate them because they are always on our backs telling us what to do!