Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harsh words can lead to consequences and punishments, they are triggered by anger or disappointment. Most people use these words to hurt others or also to release their anger, But in other words it is harmful to your health and relationships with others. Sometimes people do it for attention or to fit in; thinking its cool and can make them popular. In most cases it is only a temporary thing and you can loose friends and relationships. Most people do this to people they are closest to and that love them the most, this can hurt their feelings, lead to discouragement, depression and frustration. For example i have a really bad problem with using harsh words to my family (brothers and parents) when they make me angry i release my anger on them and use harsh words, this leads to my consequences. My mom has started making a chart of every time i use a harsh word i get one day suspended from getting my licensee. Do get that day back i have to pay five compliments back or do something good for who i hurt. So for the most part don’t use harsh words this can lead to many consequences and punishments and also lead to depression. I have learned my lesson and try my hardest not to use harsh words, and when i do i repay them with five compliments.