Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes because of pride or ego or a mistaken idea, one person may not confide in another or tell them the whole truth. Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn’t want the other person to know something about you? You had something you wanted to keep secret? How did you act? Did the other person realize you were hiding something? How did your behavior change the way they acted toward you?

Well sometimes i hide things from people just because i dont want to do that with them so i tell them i cant or i have different plans just so i dont have to go and do that with them, but most of the time the person i told that to just always figured out that thats not why i couldnt go do what they were doing with them. And i didnt not want to g owith them just because it was something bad they were doing just because i wasnt in the mood to do that with them. And usualy when this situation comes up i act very mysterious and they would always bug me about it and ask me all the time why i couldnt come and the excuse was the same excuse i always use its either i can or i have to baby sit.

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