Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The end of the world as we know it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's the End of the World As We Know It.
The world is ending. There are natural disasters happening everywhere. You know that soon you will be stranded in your house with only the food left in your cupboards. You make a mad dash to the grocery store but everyone there is in such chaos that you know you'll only have time to grab one item before escaping with your life. What item of food do you grab?Describe what the food is, how long you'll wait to eat it, what it will feel like to know you're eating it for the last time. Will you share with your family? Will you hide it away until there's nothing else left? Will you eat it a little at a time or gobble it all at once? Describe every aspect of enjoying this last savory morsel of food.

Well if it was the end of the world and i had to go to the grocery store i would grab a real live chicken. well because it would give me eggs and when it wouldnt lay me any more eggs i would kill it and use it for the meat. I would probably eat a egg every two days and it would last me a while. and eggs have great protein so it will make you feel more energetic then if you had some kind of junk food like chips then you wouldnt feel very good just eating a chip every day and it wouldnt last you a long time it would probably last you a month but this chicken would give you aproximitley an egg a day and then after you kill it you will have meat to eat that will last you a long time. Well i would defineatley save it and hide it because if some crazy ladie tried to come and still my eggs i would probably beat her to the ground. but i would share it with my family if the had no food, if my family was in good condition and i wasnt i would let them have the food because they have more use to the food than i do because i just migh die.

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