Thursday, January 28, 2010


How important is honesty to you? Is it more important than kindness? Share a story of a time you or someone you know was not honest and it caused problems or was 'too honest' and it caused problems.

Honesty is really important to me though i am not good at being honest and that is not a good thing. But when it comes to my friend being honeset to me i always balieve everything they say so if they say something that isnt true than i would be pretty mad at them. Well you have to be honeset to be kind because if you arent honest and tell a lie that wouldnt be being kind to your friends and you family. Well theres this girl that used to be my friend and she would always lie to me and tell me all these things that werent true, and she would still my things and my other friend that was friends with her also told me that she was telling her that she stole my things. and if i let her borrow something of mine and i would want it back i wopuld ask her if she still had it and she said she didnt and that made me really mad and it also made a fool of her self because i knew she had it and she knew i knew she had it so that ruined our friend ship.

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